Kale Flagg – Pursuing Your Dreams

Over the years, Kale Flagg has worked hard to become more skilled at public speaking; to improve his ability to help his employees, sales team and executives become successful. Recalls Flagg, “I have been driven for success—both my own and for those around me. That is the number one thing I’ve gotten out of business.” Kale Flagg remembers people asking him, “What is the number one thing? Is it the money?” Well, admits Kale Flagg, the money has been great. But for Flagg it is looking in the mirror and knowing that he is able to build his life the way he’s wanted it to be built and to pursue his passion that have been the #1 things.

The “flash” that Kale Flagg has in his eye when he wakes up, he says, “is that everyone on my team is building something we believe in; climbing a mountain knowing the view is worthwhile.” Kale Flagg reports that he wasn’t a natural in sales or business.  In fact, during his first year as a sole proprietor he only made $25k gross, and after expenses he actually lost $27. But Flagg believes that it was because he was trying too hard. He had a whole lot of energy but it was going in a million directions instead of being focused on key markers.

The second year in business for himself, says Kale Flagg, he got a little bit more focused and was able to make about $50,000 gross, but after expenses he still lost money. Then, thanks to persistence and listening to advisors who were already successful—and duplicating their techniques—Flagg’s business enterprise started exploding.  And from there, says Kale Flagg, everything changed.

After that 2nd year, with a little success, confidence grew which led to success, which led to more confidence, and the virtuous circle became self fulfilling.  It’s funny, says Flagg, but once money started coming in, money was no longer the issue and then it just got simpler and easier.   “The key when starting a business is working hard enough to get out of survival mode (making enough to pay the bills and survive)”, says Flagg.  “Because once that happens and you have the formula for success, you learn that other people’s success is much more rewarding then your own, and that’s when the true riches happen.”

For Flagg, after the turning point it was never about money. Money was a scorecard. Money was how high can you climb? It was the race. “It was seeing how big we could build it,” says Flagg, “how many people we could help; how many success stories could we have.” Kale Flagg thrived on those success stories. It was then, remembers Kale Flagg, that everything started exploding and he fell in love with entrepreneurship.


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