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Dr. Paul Perito is famous for being the first urological surgeon in the nation to implement a minimally invasive penile implant surgery technique. His methods are used by physicians across the US and have even caught the attention of Coloplast, the manufacture of Dr. Perito’s preferred device, the Titan. Dr. Paul Perito’s office, Perito Urology, is globally respected as a leader in the field. His dedicated staff is proud to help men regain their lives, and it shows from the moment you walk to the door of the clinic. So what makes Perito Urology and Dr. Paul Perito’s signature surgical technique stand out?

What services does Perito Urology offer for their out-of-town patients?

Dr. Paul Perito and his staff offer many services above and beyond filing paperwork and scheduling visits. For his many out-of-town patients, Dr. Paul Perito offers a telephone consultation before their arrival in town. Their personalized concierge service can help with hotel reservations as well as restaurant recommendations. Perhaps most notably, the office provides car service between three key destinations: Coral Gables Hospital, Miami International Airport, and Perito Urology.

What procedures does Dr. Paul Perito offer?

Perito Urology was the first urology office to offer Dr. Paul Perito’s unrivaled approach to the surgery. His technique utilizes a small incision the size of a quarter above the penis to insert the implant. The procedure is safe and efficacious and offers most patients a return to normal sexual behavior between four and six weeks. Dr. Paul Perito also offers testicular implants, urinary incontinence surgery, and Peyronie’s Disease treatment.

Many physicians employ a Foley catheter during the procedure. Why has Dr. Paul Perito chosen not to do so?

In a study ending in 2010, six surgeons independently determined that a Foley catheter was not necessary during an IPP (inflatable penile prosthesis) procedure. Including in the study were Dr. Paul Perito’s results on 529 patients, along with 291 patients from a different physician using a different incision method. Dr. Paul Perito’s belief has always been that the fewer foreign bodies introduced to the body, the easier the surgery is on the patient. The study concluded that surgeons experienced in IPP procedures who did not use a Foley catheter have a low incidence of infection. There were no bladder or urethral injuries encountered in the study, regardless of incision method.

What forms of anesthesia does Dr. Perito favor?

Local anesthesia, specifically an injectable Marcaine and lidocaine solution, is Dr. Paul Perito’s preferred method analgesia during the procedure. His belief is that spinal anesthesia and general anesthesia have potential dangers that could be catastrophic to the patient. Local anesthesia avoids these hazards completely.

Dr. Paul Perito is a 1988 graduate of the University Of Maryland School Of Medicine. His practice, Perito Urology, is considered one of the foremost Erectile Dysfunction treatments centers in the world. Since 2005, Dr. Paul Perito has successfully performed more than 3,000 penile implants, establishing him as a leader in the field. He has streamlined the procedure, making it not only more efficient, but safer, by the development and actualization of a minimally invasive approach. Aside from contributing extensively to medical publication libraries, Dr. Paul Perito heads the training center at Perito Urology where his technique is taught to an audience of surgeons from across the globe.


For more information on Perito Urology or penile implant surgery, please contact the office directly at 305.444.2920 or visit their website at www.peritourology.com  for FAQ and links to clinical abstracts supporting Dr. Paul Perito’s work.

The information contained in this article is provided by Dr. Paul Perito for educational purposes only. It is not intended to treat or diagnose any condition.

Dr. Paul Perito

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Hi Dr. Paul Perito i just wanted to ask if you’ve proceeded with a vasectomy with a patient and how you explained it so the patient has a clear understanding of what a vasectomy is. I’ll be glad to share my own thoughts to you Dr. Paul Perito soon. Thank you Dr. Paul Perito for spending time sharing such informative writings with us.

You’ve made such an interesting piece to read, Dr. Paul Perito, giving every subject an enlightenment for us to learn. Thanks for sharing good information Dr. Paul Perito!


You should be able to have an orgasm with a penile implant if you were able to have one before your surgery, isn’t that correct, Dr. Paul Perito? Unless you have another medical problem that affects it? Will I be able to have spontaneous erections with a penile implant, Dr. Paul Perito?


Browsing through your site gives me a lot of knowledge in so many ways, Dr. Paul Perito. Looking forward to learning some more from you. Keep it up, Dr. Paul Perito. I will bookmark your site for future reference, Dr. Paul Perito.


Dr. Paul Perito, I’ve read a lot of different procedures that Urologists have posted that have made me a bit confused. This article made me understand the topic a lot more clearly. Keep up the good work, Dr. Paul Perito.

@Karl – Thanks for your positive comment. God bless! -Dr. Paul Perito

@Glen – “Perito Urology | Q & A with Dr. Paul Perito” I really appreciate your heart warming comment. Thanks! – Dr. Paul Perito

@Andy – You are still able to have erections on your own, which are satisfactory for intercourse, you should consider very carefully whether or not an implant is the right fix for you. Thank you! – Dr. Paul Perito

@Kent – The benefits of this procedure include less bleeding, a smaller hole in the skin, and fewer complications. Some studies show that clipping is not as effective as other methods of sealing off the vase difference. Thanks! – Dr. Paul Perito

@Andrew – Thanks for your positive comment. “Perito Urology | Q and A with Dr. Paul Perito” -Dr. Paul Perito

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