Collex Collision Experts Provides Specialized Training for Specialized Service

Collex Collision Experts have come a long way since their humble beginnings in Warren, Michigan, in 1975. Within their first 10 years of business, Collex Collision Experts had already opened the doors of a second shop in the Metro-Detroit area. Today, Collex Collision Experts services customers in areas that include well over a dozen locations spanning from Michigan all the way to southwest Florida. Collex Collision Experts may not qualify as a small business anymore, but they still espouse the customer-oriented small business values that made them successful.

Customers are Collex Collision Experts’ number one priority. John Gagliano, founder of Collex Collision Experts, feels that the secret to their success is customer service. It takes skill to be a good body shop, certainly, says Collex Collision Experts, but without a dedicated customer base, a good body shop is nothing to brag about. Collex Collision Experts win their customer base through attentive and timely service. In fact, over three-quarters of Collex Collision Experts’ business comes from repeat customers and referrals from satisfied customers.

One reason Collex Collision Experts’ service is so good is the specialized training required for each Collex employee. Collex Collision Experts ensure the quality of their services by creating their own system of standards at Collex University. Every new Collex Collision Experts employee is educated at Collex University, a private training facility located at the Clinton Township headquarters. Employees are taught the latest technological innovations in use at Collex Collision Experts, and given rigorous customer service training. From day one, Collex Collision Experts emphasizes the value of a satisfied customer. At Collex University, they set the students’ sights on keeping all Collex customers happy enough to come back.

Collex Collision Experts use tried and true customer retention techniques to make getting back on the road as easy as possible. When a client brings their automobile in for body repairs, Collex Collision Experts offers a courtesy vehicle for convenience while their car is in the shop. Additionally, Collex Collision Experts provide a pick up and delivery service so customers can have their car dropped off right at home or work. All of these services and more make the cutting-edge, best quality auto body repair services of Collex Collision Experts stand out above the competition.

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Today Collex Collision Experts remains the leader of Metro-Detroit

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