Aicube Presents a Flying Travel Guide for the Holidays

It’s fairly safe to say that only Santa really enjoys flying over the holidays. And he might just be putting on a happy face too. But, the necessity of flying is something that pretty much everyone has to face at some point. However, here at Aicube we’ve put together some tips to help make traveling a little easier.

Remember that shipping luggage is always a valid option. Now that most airlines charge at least $25 dollars for carrying fees, it’s a good idea to check out alternate options. Whether it’s a standard shipping company or a specialty luggage shipping – why not investigate different ways of sending luggage ahead of time?

Flight notifications are something that almost every airline offers with a mobile application or an email alert. That way, travelers will know about any last minute changes to the schedule, delays or cancellations. Signing up for these notifications is a great way to minimize frustration at the airport.

It’s always good to have a back-up plan. If a flight is canceled there will be a large group of people who are all trying to re-book at the same time. The best offense in this case, is to have the airline’s customer service number programmed into the phone. Instead of standing in line with other passengers, try calling the company directly. Hopefully there will be someone outside of the immediate situation who can help.

Beef up for the journey like an athlete would before a marathon. Doing some extra cardio by walking for 30 minutes or so will help boost the immune system and can help relieve the stress of planning for a trip.

Finally, always double check the FAA’s guidelines on their website before traveling. It’s a good way to know of any last minute changes that could lead to headaches at the airport.

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