The Benefits of Juicing are Bountiful

It’s difficult to turn on the television, talk to a friend who’s health-conscious or read a food article without coming across the term “juicing.” It’s a new health food craze, but what is it exactly and how many benefits does it provide?

First off, juicing isn’t really that new. Fitness guru Jack LaLanne was a huge proponent of juicing for health in the 70s and 80s, and even had his own line of juicers. But the trend has seen a huge resurgence and its popularity is higher than ever. Part of the reason for that is because of the rise of obesity in America and the fight to stop it by eating healthier.

Fans of juicing believe that people can drink more vegetables than they can eat. And because the vegetables are in a liquid form, many believe that it’s easier for the body to absorb antioxidants from the produce. Juicing has been credited with helping cure everything from acne to cancer and high blood pressure.

Juicing proponents enthusiastically attach weight to the belief that the digestive system functions more efficiently when a person consumes vegetables in a raw form. Heating fruits and vegetables reduces enzyme content, which many consider a hindrance to digestion. However by juicing, many people think that the enzymes are preserved.

Because of the rise in obesity and diabetes as a result of the consumption of sugar and salt laden processed foods in the U.S., juicing is seen by many as a way to combat that epidemic. Fans of juicing are certain that by taking in living nutrients they are less likely to crave processed or “depleted” food that is low in nutrition. Also, by drinking homemade vegetable juices rather than store bought and preserved varieties they are fully able to control the salt and sugar content – which can only promote overall health and wellness.

Whether or not juicing is a fad that will die out is left to be seen. But, it’s not beside the point to mention that Jack LaLanne lived to be 96 years old.

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