Steven P. Delarge Offers Advice to Job Seekers

Steven P. Delarge has seen the impact of our troubled economy on the unemployed. As a management executive, he has had the opportunity to interview a variety of people over the years. Today, Steven P. Delarge talks to Aicube about the dos and don’ts of job interviews. These tips, offered out of Steven P. Delarge’s personal experience in the corporate world, can help you prepare to start pounding the pavement.

Aicube: Can job seekers learn from “how-to” articles on getting the job of their dreams?

Steven P. Delarge: They can be very helpful, to tell you the truth. But many of them focus solely on how to handle the questions asked during the job interview.

Aicube: I’ve noticed that, too.

Steven P. Delarge: The fact is that many interviewees are unprepared for what happens after the interviewer stops asking questions and lets the interviewee talk.

Aicube: Are you speaking about the ever-present question, ‘Do you have any questions for us?’

Steven P. Delarge: Yes. That’s one of the biggest missed opportunities in an interview. I’ve noticed many job seekers come in ready to sell the interviewer on hiring them.

Aicube: They also need to make sure the job is something they’re interested in, right?

Steven P. Delarge: Exactly! It needs to be a fit on both sides. The interviewee needs to ask some questions about what the company can do for him or her.

Aicube: Are you talking about salary expectations?

Steven P. Delarge: No. Salary shouldn’t even enter into the conversation during an initial interview. What the interviewee needs to focus on are potential earnings, as well as opportunities for advancement from within the company.

Aicube: The employee needs to sound pretty well versed in that particular industry, right?

Steven P. Delarge: Yes, and that involves quite a bit of research before the interview even takes place. The more you know about a company, the more interested and detail-oriented you’ll appear.

Aicube: Should the employee research the company’s profitability before the interview?

Steven P. Delarge: Yes, and not just for the purpose of showing off during the interview. Before going in for the interview, a prospective employee should be doing whatever he or she can to make sure this company is a good investment of his or her time and effort.

Steven P. Delarge is a respected executive in the chemical and energy fields. With an emphasis on finance, Delarge has led many successful teams over his years in the business. Steven P. Delarge has learned many of life’s lessons through hard work and a willingness to take on new challenges, which is Delarge’s mission in everything he does.

Steven P. Delarge

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