A Three Prong Approach Has Equaled Results for Stephen Edward Samuelian

According to Stephen Edward Samuelian and Sacon Constructors Incorporated CEO, investment activities and strategy need not be difficult.  “Develop a plan based upon a three prong application, and then work the plan,” says Stephen Edward Samuelian. Since the age of 19, Stephen Edward Samuelian has worked in construction and investment property ranging from real estate development, to building millions of feet for commercial use, to building hotel properties for the likes of Marriot, Radisson, Embassy Suites, Holiday Corporation and Travel Lodge.

The first prong of Stephen Edward Samuelian’s application is to acquire a well-located asset.  In other words, according to Stephen Edward Samuelian, “location, location, location” is still rule number one in real estate.  “When it comes to investment property, it is all about the location,” says Stephen Edward Samuelian.  However, adds Stephen Edward Samuelian, even with a great location the property still must have the potential for enhancement.

After choosing a property in a great location that has enhancement potential, Stephen Edward Samuelian’s second prong is active ownership.  “In other words, if you are going to develop a property, you have to understand that no one else will be as excited or as dedicated to the outcome of that property as you, the owner,” points out Stephen Edward Samuelian.  According to Stephen Edward Samuelian, a property owner and investor must be present and active in their ownership.

Stephen Edward Samuelian’s third prong in the application to investment is a solid, hands-on management approach.  “There are a number of management pieces when it comes to investment property,” notes Stephen Edward Samuelian.  According to the respected real estate developer, property investment is a full time job requiring constant decision-making.  “Many of the decisions in this line of work cannot be delegated,” points out Stephen Edward Samuelian.

“Taking a careful look at the investment properties we have developed speaks to our ability to source compelling off-market opportunities, using this simple three prong approach,” concludes Stephen Edward Samuelian.

Stephen Edward Samuelian can be contacted at stephen.samuelian@gmail.com.

About Stephen Edward Samuelian

Stephen Edward Samuelian is a founding partner of Life Generations Healthcare as well as one of four founding partners of Covenant Care Inc. Stephen Edward Samuelian has served as President and CEO of Sacon Constructors Inc., Medcon Inc., and Emerald Development Inc. In addition, Stephen Edward Samuelian is manager of the Samuelian Family Trust and President of The Perfect Moment Foundation.

As a native of California, Stephen Edward Samuelian acquired his California Contractors license at the age of 19 and began construction operations with the construction of retail stores, offices, restaurants and healthcare facilities. While involved in building a restaurant and lobby of an Embassy Suites Hotel, he met Robert E. Woolley. Mr. Woolley, a highly successful hotel entrepreneur, has been widely acknowledged as a pioneering and industry-leading proponent in the all-suite hotel business. In time, the relationship with Mr. Woolley developed into hotel construction projects for many owners and operators. As the principal of Sacon Constructors Inc., Stephen Edward Samuelian built properties for Marriott, Radisson, Embassy Suites, Holiday Corp. and Travel Lodge. Though Sacon Constructors Inc., Stephen Edward Samuelian also built approximately 3 million square feet of commercial, retail and industrial space.

As President and CEO of Medcon Inc., Stephen Edward Samuelian concentrated on construction services for acute hospitals and specialty medical construction projects such as radiological and surgical facilities. As President and CEO of Emerald Development Inc., Stephen Edward Samuelian focused on real estate development and ownership opportunities that constructed apartments and tilt-up industrial buildings for Emerald’s own account.

Through his medical construction services, Stephen Edward Samuelian saw the growth potential of the skilled nursing business and moved forward as a founding partner of Covenant Care Inc.—a skilled nursing business that grew to 45 facilities in 6 years. With remarkable success in this business, Stephen Edward Samuelian later co-founded and launched Generations Healthcare, a company that owns and operates nursing and rehabilitation facilities.

Currently, Stephen Edward Samuelian serves on several corporate Boards and is the Chairman of The Perfect Moment Foundation. Stephen Edward Samuelian also serves as the Chairman of Care for Life, a non-profit organization that promotes self reliance, health, education and micro credit for the poorest of the poor in Mozambique, Africa. Additionally, Stephen Edward Samuelian is a member of the board of directors for Rising Star Outreach that assists in eliminating the stigma of the leprosy-affected in India.

Married to Susan Samuelian for 30 years, Stephen Edward Samuelian and his wife are the parents of four adult children and 3 grandchildren. The Samuelians reside in Laguna Beach, California.

Stephen Edward Samuelian can be contacted at stephen.samuelian@gmail.com.

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