Scott Sohr, Nashville Real Estate Developer, Explores Nashville’s Parks and Trails

Scott Sohr Nashville

Scott Sohr, a Nashville real estate developer, enjoys Middle Tennessee’s beautiful fall weather and points to the many opportunities the area offers for outdoor activities. According to Scott Sohr, Nashville has a vast amount of beautiful, natural landscapes allowing its residents to enjoy these activities year ‘round. He recently spent a few minutes talking to the staff of Aicube about his hometown.

Aicube: Thank you for talking to us today.

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Thanks for having me!

Aicube: You seem to be an active, outdoor type. Do you have a favorite outdoor activity?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: I love all types of outdoor activities–biking, running, hiking, tennis, outdoor boot camps and really most any strenuous outdoor activity…

Aicube: Nashville’s Percy and Edwin Warner Parks were recently named one of the “7 Best Hiking Trails in the U.S.” by Fodor’s Travel. Were you surprised to hear that?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: No, not at all. Warner Parks are one of my favorite choices for a good walk or hike.

Aicube: Where are the Warner Parks located?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: They are just nine miles from downtown Nashville near Belle Meade.

Aicube: Do you have a favorite hiking trail?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: The Mossy Ridge Trail in Percy Warner Park is one of my favorite.

Aicube: What type of trail is it?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: The trail is a four mile loop with a few steep hills. It’s a moderate hike for families or those who want to get some exercise.

Aicube: What do you bring on a hike?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Water, weather-appropriate clothing, sunscreen, a snack, and a positive attitude.

Aicube: Do you need any special equipment?

Scot Sohr, Nashville: No. That’s the great thing about hiking: no purchase necessary.

Aicube: Is it smart to bring kids and dogs on hikes?

Scott Sohr, Nashville:  Many hikes state in the description whether they are kid/dog friendly. It’s up to you to know the limits of your kid/dog.

Aicube: The Cumberland River is a beautiful location for visitors. Are there any hiking trails along the river?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Yes. If you want to stay close to the downtown area, try the Shelby Bottoms Nature Park, which sits on the banks of the Cumberland River.

Aicube: Are there any state parks near Nashville you can recommend?

Scott Sohr, Nashville:  Radner Lake State Park has some fascinating trails and birds.

Aicube:  Are Tennessee’s State Parks open during the winter?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: Yes, they are open during the winter.

Aicube: Do they charge an access fee?

Scott Sohr, Nashville: No. There is no access fee charged for any state park. Anyone is welcome to enjoy!

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