Neil G. Pansey Discusses Preparation for Hurricane Season in Florida

Florida is prone to hurricanes, acknowledges Neil G. Pansey. As a longtime resident of the state, Neil G. Pansey has learned a few things about how to prepare for hurricane season.

First, stock up on supplies early in the year, says Neil G. Pansey. A lot of people wait until the last minute to get these things. Neil G. Pansey recommends getting them way ahead of time. What should be on the list of supplies? Neil G. Pansey says to buy batteries of all types, water, and non-perishable food. Neil G. Pansey reminds Florida residents that it will be more difficult to find these things as hurricane season begins.

It’s worth the cost of investing in solar-powered flashlights, says Neil G. Pansey. Battery-operated ones work well too, adds Neil G. Pansey. Make sure to have at least one of these per family member. Neil G. Pansey explains that it’s unsafe to have any less. Candles are not the preferred method of light when the electricity goes on, says Neil G. Pansey.

Are there pets living in the home? If so, make sure to get lots of extra food and cat litter if needed, says Neil G. Pansey. Make sure also to get some sort of pet carrier in case it becomes necessary to leave home quickly, continues Neil G. Pansey.

Most people have important documents they need to keep with them, points out Neil G. Pansey. Invest in some sort of plastic folder or document holder to keep them in, recommends Neil G. Pansey. It should be kept somewhere that can be easily accessed in case there is a need to evacuate.

Neil G. Pansey reminds Florida residents that during power outages, cash is needed. Go to an ATM and withdraw some money to keep at home in case of emergency. Keep it secure in an envelope in the plastic case with important documents, says Neil G. Pansey.

Neil G. Pansey concludes that by following these simple steps of preparation, you and your family will get through hurricane season safely.

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Neil G. Pansey continues his employment as Lead Engineer at Progress Energy and resides in St. Petersburg, Florida. Neil G. Pansey graduated from the Florida Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Sciences degree in Engineering.

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