Pop Warner Football Owes Its Place in Colts Neck to Mario Romano

When Mario Romano moved to Colts Neck, New Jersey, he noticed a lack in youth football programming. Popular across the country, Mario Romano believed Colts Neck would benefit greatly from Pop Warner Football. “Anyone involved in youth sports knows the Pop Warner Football name,” Mario Romano Colts Neck explains. “Pop Warner Football is synonymous with education as well as athletics.” Mario Romano felt Colts Neck deserved its own Pop Warner Football program, instead of forcing local youth to look elsewhere to play.

Mario Romano went to Colts Neck’s local officials with his vision, only to be told that funds were not available to start a Pop Warner Football program. So, with three others from the Colts Neck area, Mario Romano set out to raise the capital needed to fund a Pop Warner Football program. Even without the allocation of local funds, town officials offered Mario Romano the Colts Neck High School field for his proposed Pop Warner Football games. “All we had to do was raise the funds for equipment and uniforms to make Pop Warner Football a reality in Colts Neck,” Mario Romano says. Then the slow process of fundraising began in Colts Neck, with Mario Romano at the helm.

Tragedy struck his family as Mario Romano scoured the Colts Neck area for funding. Mario’s brother Dominic was killed when the driver of his car fell asleep at the wheel. Mario Romano’s dream for Colts Neck youth sports suddenly saw new life. Family and friends began responding very generously with the intent of making Mario Romano’s Colts Neck Pop Warner Football program a reality – all in Dominic’s honor. “It was humbling to see a terrible tragedy turned to such a positive moment in Colts Neck history,” Mario Romano admits. “With the generosity of many, we were able to raise over $100,000 and my brother’s name was added to the Pop Warner Football field in Colts Neck,” Mario Romano remembers.

On August 11, 2000, Mario Romano’s Colts Neck vision for a Pop Warner Football program came to fruition. In its inaugural year, the Colts Neck program that Mario Romano helped to organize had 55 children. Just four years later, Mario Romano’s Colts Neck experiment had exploded to include over 350 boys and girls. As a result, the local newspaper wrote an article titled, “Colts Neck Community Maker Mario Romano: Committed to Building Youngsters’ Character Through Pop Warner Football.”

Mario Romano of Colts Neck, NJ, began his career on Wall Street in 1982. Studying there under some of the most prestigious financial professionals of our time before moving to Colts Neck, Mario Romano graduated from St. John’s University well ahead of his class. Relocating to the Colts Neck area, Mario Romano continued serving as an executive with a select group of Wall Street institutions. From his base in Colts Neck, Mario Romano co-founded Wealth Engineering and Development in 2005. Currently residing in Colts Neck, Mario Romano brings over twenty-five years of Wall Street experience to his mission of providing financial education to the masses worldwide. Mario Romano lives in Colts Neck with his wife Gina and their three children. Mario Romano is known in the community of Colts Neck as a key proponent of youth sports and education for the instrumental role he played in bringing Pop Warner Football to the area.

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