Marian Harding's Miniature Schnauzer Primer

Marian Harding has an abiding love for miniature schnauzers. In addition to having had miniature schnauzers as pets for most of her life, Marian Harding is also a miniature schnauzer breeder. There are many reasons that Marian Harding holds miniature schnauzers so dear. They are devoted animals, says Marian Harding, with a quick mind to boot. Marian Harding adds that miniature schnauzers become remarkably obedient when properly trained. These are intelligent dogs, says Marian Harding, however if they are not given adequate training and attention they may act out and become wayward. A schnauzer that goes untrained, cautions Marian Harding, will get what they want on their own terms and may become very difficult to control. Because miniature schnauzers require persistent training, Marian Harding suggests that they may not be the best choice for a first time dog owner.

For those considering a miniature schnauzer, Marian Harding provides some basic facts and observations about these lovable four-legged companions. To begin with, Marian Harding notes that miniature schnauzers live about 15 years. Though schnauzers are a healthy breed, continues Marian Harding, mini schnauzers are still susceptible to a few hereditary troubles, including eye problems, skin disorders and kidney stones. When raising a miniature schnauzer, Marian Harding urges owners not to over feed their pet. Marian Harding explains that miniature schnauzers can become overweight more easily than some other breeds.

With their cold noses and warm hearts, says Marian Harding, miniature schnauzers truly adore people’s company. While it is true that miniature schnauzers have a reputation for being temperamental, Marian Harding explains that this is easily remedied with thorough socialization and obedience training. Marian Harding confirms that miniature schnauzers are a very smart breed. This intelligence, notes Marian Harding, makes training an absolute necessity. Marian Harding adds that miniature schnauzer socialization training must begin as soon as possible, while the cute puppies are still tiny. A little socialization as puppies, says Marian Harding, will go a long way. Marian Harding concludes that, all things considered, miniature schnauzers are one of the most lovely and rewarding pets that a human can choose.

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