According to James Smith, Physical Fitness Is the Key to Productivity

James Smith is a restaurateur, world traveler and fitness buff. Colleagues and admirers often ask this modern renaissance man where he finds the energy to do so much. James Smith says the answer is simple. Human energy, states James Smith, comes from activity. A person must not wait for inspiration to strike before acting. Get up and get involved, encourages James Smith, and inspiration will follow.

The most basic activity that James Smith endorses is physical fitness. With the right exercise, advises James Smith, anyone can take on the world. Exercise can help fix most any personal problem, from relieving work stress to getting over a break up. James Smith attributes his verve for adventure travel to physical fitness. If he weren’t in shape, notes James Smith, he wouldn’t be able to go swashbuckling around the world to exotic locales like hiking in Brazil and boating in Maui.

James Smith describes a classic fat burning technique that is accessible to nearly everyone. Strength training is a tried and true technique for burning fat. James Smith cites a university study of overweight men and women. The group that exclusively did strength training actually lost more fat than the group that stuck to a combined program of strength training and aerobics.

If you choose to start a strength-training program, James Smith suggests beginning with your largest muscles. Such exercises include leg presses, leg curls, chest presses, and pull downs for the upper back. Begin with these four basic exercises, instructs James Smith, and build on them. After becoming comfortable with the initial exertion, continues James Smith, add some leg and bicep curls to the workout. With some discipline and perseverance, James Smith insists that a person of any age can be in the best shape of their life.


Konrad Kafarski

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