Kosher Supervision of America (KSA) on Kosher Fish

KSA Kosher

Kosher Supervision of America (KSA Kosher) is a not-for-profit agency based in the American West that specializes in kosher certification. KSA Kosher has received support from thousands of Rabbis and Synagogues throughout the United States. Below, KSA Kosher offers a comprehensive look at kosher fish for consumers.

Aicube: Are the types of kosher fish defined in the Torah?

KSA Kosher: No. However, kosher certification experts have classified fish by certain characteristics. The Torah defines the signs that determine the status of kosher fish.

Aicube: What are some examples of kosher fish?

KSA Kosher: Well, there are many fish that can be certified as kosher.

Aicube: Such as?

KSA Kosher: Most popular examples include salmon, cod, bass, tilapia, trout, and whitefish.

Aicube: What about sardines?

KSA Kosher: Yes! Many species of sardines are also certified kosher.

Aicube: Tuna?

KSA Kosher: Certain types of tuna are on the list as well.

Aicube: How about other sea creatures?

KSA Kosher: Sea creatures without scales or fins are considered non-kosher.

Aicube: Which ones are those?

KSA Kosher: Prawns, crabs, lobster, octopus and shrimp all fall into this category.

Aicube: What category does caviar fall into?

KSA Kosher: Quite simply, non-kosher fish eggs are not kosher, while kosher fish eggs are kosher.

Aicube: How are scales defined?

KSA Kosher: Certain types of fish have scales while living in the water, but they shed scales after being caught.

Aicube: Will a consumer be able to notice scales?

KSA Kosher: Yes. In order for a fish to be certified kosher, these scales must be clearly visible and easy to remove.

Aicube: What are some examples on non-kosher fish?

KSA Kosher: Some examples of non-kosher fish are swordfish, catfish, eels, sharks and sturgeon.

Aicube: Why are these rules in place?

KSA Kosher: The Torah does not provide a clear reason why this practice must be followed.

Aicube: Can you explain?

KSA Kosher: Sure. These laws are referred to as “chok,” defined as “a decree beyond comprehension.” They are classified as suprarational.

Aicube: How can a consumer make sure fish is kosher?

KSA Kosher: When purchasing fish at a supermarket or food store that has no kosher supervision, the consumer must be able to personally view the fish’s scales.

Aicube: Are there exceptions to this guideline?

KSA Kosher: The consumer can also look out for the skin indentations where scales may have been removed.

Aicube: Can kosher fish be eaten at any time?

KSA Kosher: In some cases, it is considered harmful to eat fish with dairy or meat.

For more information about KSA Kosher, go online to ksakosher.com.

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