John Michael Hughes Looks for a Meeting of Theological and Scientific Minds

John Michael Hughes has researched several interesting ideas to help reconcile the discrepancy between scientific and biblical calculations of the earth’s age. Geologists use carbon dating on the earth’s oldest fossils, says John Michael Hughes, to prove that the world is 4.5 billion years old. Other scholars and biblical theologians, reports John Michael Hughes, use genealogical records that date back to biblical creation which they believe show that the age of the planet is around 6,000 years.

Both figures, according to John Michael Hughes, have a likely 1% variability factor. The challenge of the scientific approach, says John Michael Hughes, is that it relies on too many factors, none of which can be understood by any one person. Scientific methods for determining the earth’s age, points out John Michael Hughes, involve seismic, geological and meteorological calculations that are difficult to corroborate. On the other hand, John Michael Hughes notes that the biblical approach does not account for enough of the established tenets of natural science. For example, there are certain facts about the age of rocks that are nearly impossible for a theologian to refute. However, John Michael Hughes believes that scientists and theologians can find common ground.

One good technique, says John Michael Hughes, is to give careful study to each other’s materials. Being familiar with the other party’s evidence, points out John Michael Hughes, facilitates communication during debate. There may be a way to find parity, suggests John Michael Hughes, between the age of lead isotopes and the length of Adam’s genealogy. What scientists have found to be the world’s oldest rocks, reports John Michael Hughes, have been found on Greenland, Australia, Asia, North America and Asia. The molecular similarity between these rocks, says John Michael Hughes, makes their wide geographic distribution even more interesting. The fact that these far-flung ancient rocks are so similar supports the idea that earth once had one massive continent, adds John Michael Hughes.

John Michael Hughes suggests that over time the continent separated and drifted apart into the continental configuration we have today. None of this seems incompatible with creationism, points out John Michael Hughes, unless the rate of continental drift is under discussion. And in that case, John Michael Hughes asks how can scientists be sure at what speed the continents drifted in previous centuries, before there was any scientific data?

About John Michael Hughes

Dedicating a professional career to a single purpose is recognized as admirable in today’s economic environment. For John Michael Hughes it was a focus and interest that began as he exited college. Graduating from the University of South Alabama with a Bachelor of Science degree, John Michael Hughes set his vocational target on the insurance industry early on.

From 1992 until 1995, John Michael Hughes served as an Insurance Adjuster for Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc. In this position he handled commercial and residential property insurance claims for wind, flood, ice, and earthquake losses. As an early training ground his responsibilities and claim ranges allowed him to develop a strategic understanding of the complexities of insurance claims.

Leveraging this experience in claims, John Michael Hughes has invested the last fourteen years of his professional life in executive management with an all lines public insurance adjusting firm. From 1996 until 2000 John Michael Hughes served as the owner and Chief Executive Officer of JMH and Associates. John Michael Hughes gained further Acts Of God claims experience as well as first hand exposure to the complexities of business ownership. The years of experience tied to natural disasters allowed John Michael Hughes to quantify and qualify claims filed quickly. This skill set was sought after and led to yet another opportunity for John Michael Hughes.

Since 2007, John Michael Hughes has devoted his time and energy to Leeco Consulting Company, LLC, again acting as Chief Executive Officer for the company. With claims services focused mainly in Florida, John Michael Hughes has continued to handle both commercial and residential property claims. His services have also been utilized throughout the Caribbean for both wind and flood losses. John Michael Hughes has further refined his focus and now has a concentration in hurricane claims. With this expansion and professional focus has come larger cases and expanded claims responsibilities. John Michael Hughes currently provides claims settlements that exceed five million dollars.

A natural byproduct of extensive claims settlement work also created opportunities within the area of historical property restoration. With activities generally focused in Alabama, John Michael Hughes acted as a Director for AD, LLC from 1998-2009. John Michael Hughes provided property management and development for this firm. Additionally, from 1996 until 2005 John Michael Hughes managed and consulted on a 26-acre island land development in Florida through Perdido Gardens, LLC. As a partner, John Michael Hughes benefited when the partnership was sold to a public NYSE property development company.

John Michael Hughes continues to blend his knowledge of claims settlements management and restoration complexities in a deep, diversified professional direction that allows him to step outside of most traditional professional vocational paths. It has also allowed him the opportunity to pursue other passions.

John Michael Hughes is currently working toward a Masters in Theology and aspires to complete this training in the fall 2012. John Michael Hughes has reached a point in his life where he will be able to apply decades of experience to a profession and blend this time commitment with a deeper calling that speaks to a different opportunity for his future.

John Michael Hughes has several professional affiliations, including the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters. He continues to participate in industry functions throughout the southeastern United States and is a highly respected veteran within his profession. John Michael Hughes has committed the last eighteen years pursuing a career that combines business, management and involving himself in the lives of people during their most critical times of need.

The need for seasoned claims adjusters has never been greater. The combination of record flooding in areas that traditionally have seen major damage and the increasing seismic activity throughout North America now requires that John Michael Hughes be more mobile. Natural disasters never isolate their occurrences and the demand for claims evaluations can pull many resources together within a very short period of time.

John Michael Hughes also continues his passion for the oceans.  From 1989 until 1992 John Michael Hughes was a PADI open water SCUBA instructor. At that time, he organized, taught and led groups on diving excursions and vacations. He continues to have a passion for scuba diving as well as enjoying golf, fishing, kayaking, water-skiing, snow skiing, racquetball, photography, reading and hanging out with his son.

John Michael Hughes currently resides in Florida and can be reached at johnmichaelhughes.com.

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