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by Gregory J Daniels DDS

An interesting thing happened to me last week at my dental office.  I was emailing a colleague during a snack break when a new post showed on my  ‘in’ box.  I had been forwarded a plea about someone seeking help for a serious toothache.  The woman didn’t have a regular dentist, and was afraid to call a dentist with whom she was not familiar.

Then she had the idea to Twitter her fellow Twitter acquaintances.  (Are they called Twits? I am not quite “hep” on the Twitter phenom.)  Anyway, one of her contacts referred her to my office with the assurance that I would take good care of her.  That I read her message within seconds of her posting was extraordinary. I called her immediately and arranged for a visit that afternoon.

It worked out well because she indeed had a true emergency and I was able to help.  What an amazing world we live in! I did not really know that Twitter worked in the way that it does.  That day it certainly did well for us both!

Dr. Gregory J Daniels DDS, FAGD, has been a dentist in the western suburbs of Chicago for over 30 years. This experienced dental practitioner specializes in reconstructive repair, cosmetic dentistry and implants as well as oral-health maintenance for the entire family.

Gregory J. Daniels characterizes his as a “relationship practice,” one in which he and his staff help patients make sound decisions about their oral health. His staff and patients alike call him caring and skilled. Gregory J Daniels DDS is an AACD member cosmetic dentist practicing in Hinsdale, Illinois. For patient consultations, contact Gregory J Daniels at 630-655-8815.

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