Green Water Technologies on Water: Smell, Taste and Contamination


Green Water Technologies is a distributor of the Pro Elite Professional Series Water Treatment System based in San Antonio, Texas. The company offers homeowners and businesses throughout South Texas professional sales, service and installation of GE’s most advanced water treatment system.

Recently, Aicube asked the Green Water Technologies team some common questions about residential water.

Aicube: What causes water to have an unpleasant taste or odor?

Green Water Technologies: Multiple potential sources cause water to present a bad taste or smell. These include environmental contaminants, metals cast off from old pipes, and chemicals used to treat the water.

Aicube: Is foul smelling water a health concern?

Green Water Technologies: Not always, since all tap water has been brought to EPA standards, but it can be unpleasant to drink, which encourages people to consume other beverages, such as soda or fruit juices, which contain sugars.

Aicube: Are aging distribution pipelines a worry in rural areas?

Green Water Technologies: Yes, because as water travels from the treatment facilities, heavy metals can enter drinking water in those pipes.

Aicube: What are total dissolved solids?

Green Water Technologies: Total dissolved solids are the remnants of solid materials in water. These can be from sewage, urban or industrial runoff, rusted pipes, or natural sources.

Aicube: Why is pure drinking water important?

Green Water Technologies: Water helps the body filter out unwanted contaminants encountered during daily life. The body can rid itself of these more efficiently if the water it consumes is clean and without contaminants.

Aicube: Why does water sometimes smell like rotting eggs?

Green Water Technologies: The rotten eggs smell often associated with tap water is hydrogen sulfide, a gas absorbed by water as it passes through the earth.

Aicube: What purpose does chlorine serve in water purification?

Green Water Technologies: Chlorine has been used for more than 150 years as an effective water disinfectant. It is necessary to ensure water is free from bacteria.

Aicube: Why is chlorinated water bad for the home?

Green Water Technologies: While chlorine is essential at the water treatment plant, if left in working water (water used for washing, cleaning, etc.) it can damage appliances and degrade the integrity of clothing. Chlorine is also bad for the hair and skin.

Aicube: What is a metallic taste caused by?

Green Water Technologies: Water that tastes like either copper or iron is not uncommon. It is caused by residue of these metals picked up by water as it runs through aging pipelines.

Aicube: Should I use hot water straight from the tap for tea?

Green Water Technologies: With a water treatment system, it doesn’t matter what the temperature of the water is.

Aicube: Can contaminants in unconditioned water be seen?

Green Water Technologies: Not with the naked eye but can leave unsightly and stubborn stains on bathtubs and dishes.

Aicube: Do water odors or tastes affect food preparation?

Green Water Technologies: Yes, foul smelling water or water with a bitter, salty or metallic flavor will make many foods taste bad. Even boiling, such as when cooking soups or pasta, may not remove the unpleasantness.

For more information about Green Water Technologies, visit gwtinc.net.

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