Frankie Bordeaux on the Stages of Parenting

A father for many years, Frankie Bordeaux is a remarkable man with nearly thirty years of experience interacting with children of all ages. Frankie Bordeaux served the Boys and Girls Clubs of Nash and Edgecombe Counties for twenty-one years as Executive Director, gaining unique insights there about how children behave and react to different situations.

According to Frankie Bordeaux, a key ingredient to successfully rearing children is the provision of an organized, well-structured environment within which to grow up. Frankie Bordeaux points out that when a child has no direction, he or she is often confused about how things are supposed to work. A child also requires a nurturing network of adults and parental figures that can offer guidance, while still making room for mistakes. Frankie Bordeaux says that children need to know that they are loved. If they feel respected, they are likely to demonstrate this behavior to others.

Frankie Bordeaux notes that a child’s personality begins to develop from the day he or she is born. Even before a baby is old enough to understand words, they are receptive to what is going on around them. If a child is raised in an environment of stability and emotional security, that child will likely grow up confident enough to find his or her own path in life and not be swayed by peer pressure, postulates Frankie Bordeaux.

Frankie Bordeaux says that children need a firm hand to guide them; one that is strong enough to hold them up but gentle enough to wipe away the tears that inevitably come with growing up. Children, no matter how old they are, need to know that their actions directly affect the people that love them.

There are likely to be frustrations with each period of child rearing, acknowledges Frankie Bordeaux. In the early days of infancy, it is often hard to understand what a baby wants. He or she may cry without any apparent prompting, says Frankie Bordeaux. He explains that it is important to remember that a baby cannot express discomfort the same way that an older child or adult can.

The toddler and preschool years also pose unique challenges. Children begin to walk and talk and may not need their parents 24 hours a day. During this time of budding independence, cautions Frankie Bordeaux, it is important that the child is allowed to explore his or her surroundings and learn more about his or her environment.

Adolescence is a time of major change for any young man or woman who is transitioning from childhood into the often-frightening world of maturity, reports Frankie Bordeaux. The physical and emotional changes happening to a teenager are not usually things he or she feels comfortable discussing with parents. Frankie Bordeaux suggests letting the teen confide in another trusted adult, such as an aunt or a close family friend.

Whatever the situation, Frankie Bordeaux says that it’s important to let your teen know you are always there for him or her. Make sure they feel respect from you, as this support will help sustain your relationship with your teenager as he or she grows into adulthood.

Frankie Bordeaux says to acknowledge the mistakes you make, apologize, and move forward. Every parent makes mistakes along the way because we are all human. The important thing is that your child knows you love him or her–and always will.

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