Kentucky Derby: Greatest People-Watching Event in the World, Says David Contarino

David Contarino

David Contarino describes Kentucky as an enchanting state. It’s famous for horses and bourbon, enjoyed by people around the world, says Kentucky-based political strategist and consultant David Contarino. For those visiting the “Bluegrass State,” says David Contarino, Kentucky also has a diverse cuisine and much more to offer than simply its well-known fast-food chain, Kentucky Fried Chicken. Major cities include the capital, Frankfort, and Louisville, Owensboro, Bowling Green and Covington. Kentucky is considered to be a transitional region between the

Midwest and the South. Once the state was part of Virginia, but sought independence early on.

The first weekend in May is a good date to travel to the state, says David Contarino, as the Kentucky Derby arrives in Louisville. Anyone with a passion for this equestrian spectacle should not miss the event, insists David Contarino.

David Contarino has been a huge fan of the Kentucky Derby years before he made the move across the country. Thanks to his participation in the Democratic Governors Association, David Contarino had the opportunity to visit the Derby annually. “It just so happened that the Association had a box on the fifth floor of the Jockey Club suites,” says David Contarino. His position as chief political advisor to former New Mexico governor Bill Richardson, who chaired the Democratic Governors Association for two years, allowed David Contarino to accompany the governor to the Derby for several years. “As nice as the Jockey Club is, nothing beats being down among the throngs and close to the action,” says David Contarino.

The Kentucky Derby is one of the premier horse racing events in the United States, says David Contarino. It has been a classic thoroughbred race and social event since 1875. The race traditionally takes place on the first Saturday in May, says David Contarino. Each year, more than 150,000 people travel to Kentucky to watch, many of whom are celebrities and politicians. The race is limited to thoroughbred horses that are 3 years old and is currently run at a distance of one and a quarter miles. According to David Contarino, … Moretickets are often sold a year in advance. Winning the Kentucky Derby brings fortune and fame to the horse and its owner, says David Contarino.

One of the truly unique characteristics of the Kentucky Derby is the hats, says David Contarino. According to David Contarino, the Kentucky Derby hat parade is much of what makes “The Greatest Two Minutes in Sports” one of the greatest people-watching events in the world. There are no rules or limits when it comes to choosing a Derby hat, adds David Contarino.

This year, David Contarino was fortunate to be in a box on the rail, as his pick, Orb, won the Derby. Kentucky is known for a lot of things, says David Contarino, but the Derby is among the most special.

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