Chiro8000 Chiropractic Software Manages Patient Contact Programs

The team at Chiro8000 has noted that despite untold individuals helped by chiropractors over the years, a negative image of the chiropractic profession continues to be perpetuated. Chiro8000 believes that some factors that contribute to this image include poor marketing tactics by a handful of doctors along with a false perception by some that chiropractors are not real doctors. Chiro8000 points out that this perception could be altered if chiropractors would be able to share positive testimonials from patients who have found relief from back pain or injury and are eager to share their success stories.

Most would agree with the team at Chiro8000 that prevention of illness and disease are foremost in people

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The Chiro8000 product line is created with a unique Windmill Technology, and includes a 3D animation module and ancillary marketing services. Chiro8000 offers fully integrated and turn-key solutions for new patient lead generation, electronic claims processing.

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